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Kitset Motorbikes

  • Kawasaki Ninja H2R 1/9 Meng
    Beautiful, larger scale kit of a this gorgeous modern bike. Features include realistic vinyl seat, working steering and shock absorbers, actual stainless-steel brake disks as well as other photo-etched parts such as the intake screens and extensive carbon fiber decals. The parts are not plated, to allow for easy and accurate painting. Recommended for more experienced plastic modelers. 210 parts. Measures 23cm long when completed.
    NZ$ 249.95
  • BMW R nineT Option 719 Black Storm Metallic/Vintage Pre-Colored Edition 1/9 Meng
    Option 719 is a custom package model offered by BMW. It's compatible with the E nineT series, K 1600 GT/GTL, and R 1200 RT, and is packaged with exclusive equipment such as specially designed billet packs, forged wheels, and seats. The number 719 comes from the model code used for custom-made products in Berlin.

    This 1/9-scale model kit of the BMW R nineT with the Option 719 package, in Black Storm Metallic/Vintage color, is precolored for your convenience! You'll love having this beautiful beast in your collection
    NZ$ 399.95
  • Repsol Honda RC213V 2014 Tamiya Kitset 1/12
    The kit recreates Marc Marquez' 2014 champion No.93 bike with glorious accuracy.
    Cowl parts may even be removed after assembly to allow closer appreciation of the jaw-dropping detail underneath.
    Tank grips are depicted using transparent parts.
    Minute screws are used to firmly fasten parts such as the engine, swing arm and front fork to the frame.
    Marvel at the recreation of the bike's V4 powerplant, complete with depictions of auxiliary equipment.
    Decals are included to recreate logos on the sidewalls of the realistic solid rubber tires.
    Comes with a comprehensive set of screen printed decals to depict the numerous sponsor logos, instrumentation panel, etc.
    Packaged with a racing stand in box.
    Main body parts come molded in white. Other parts come molded in gray.
    NZ$ 84.95
  • Ducati 1199 Panigale S Tricolore Tamiya Kitset 1/12
    This model recreates the Ducati 1199 Panigale S Tricolore, which commemorates 150 years since Italian unification. Marvel at the precision depictions of the stylish cowls, L-twin engine and frame. High-quality Cartograf decals are included to recreate red and green stripes, logos and more. Kit recreates Italian spec bike with rear dampers that use metal coil springs. Includes a racing stand for display purposes.
    NZ$ 89.95
  • Ducati Superleggera V4 Tamiya Kitset 1/12
    This model kit from Tamiya faithfully reproduces the complex shape of the "biplane wings" with the motif of the Moto GP machine! The cowl and tank cover can be removed even after completion; the 998cc V-type four-cylinder engine and fuel tank are fixed to the frame with screws. The four wings attached to the front cowl, seat cowl with tunnel-shaped openings on the left and right, silencer integrated with the under-cowl shape, etc., are all realistically reproduced. The chain is divided into left and right parts, and even the rollers are sculpted for an increased precision around the rear. Inlet marks are used on the side mirrors, and slide markings are provided for the side cowl's red gradation pattern and carbon material. The rear shock mounted on the rear of the engine and the handling of the exhaust pipe are also highlights. Brake rotors with drill holes and brembo calipers are also precisely finished. The synthetic rubber tires feature engraved tread patterns and the Pirelli logo; a racing stand is included (it can also be displayed with the foldable side stand). A silencer is integrated with the under-cowl shape; the steering damper, air box at the top of the engine, and battery are also reproduced. You can choose street or race mode decals for the display screen, and clear parts are used for the front and rear lights and blinkers
    NZ$ 94.95
  • Ducati 888 Superbike RacerTamiya Kitset 1/12
    Reissue of Tamiya's earlier kit. Rubber tires. Wheels and fork turn after completion. Includes plastic tubing for engine fluid lines and chrome-plated detail parts.
    NZ$ 59.95
  • Ducati 916 Tamiya Kitset 1/12
    Reissue of Tamiya's earlier kit. Rubber tires. Wheels and fork turn after completion. Includes plastic tubing for engine fluid lines and chrome-plated detail parts.
    NZ$ 59.95
  • Street Rider Figure Tamiya Kitset 1/12
    Street Rider Figure. Made by Tamiya, scale 1/12 plastic kitset.
    NZ$ 39.95
  • Honda CBR1100XX Super Blackbird Tamiya Kitset 1/12
    Honda CBR1100XX Super Blackbird. Made by Tamiya, scale 1/12 plastic kitset.
    Honda's CBR 1100XX was released in 1997 and features a number of innovations like linked front & rear brakes, an ultra-low vibration engine (no rubber mounts!) and an extremely aerodynamic form. Personally, I'd love to have this bike...if it were in 1:1 scale!
    The kit itself is everything you expect from Tamiya -- ultra-crisp detail everywhere. Steerable front fork. Wheels attach with screws for strength. Vinyl tubing included for engine and brake lines. Rubber tires and black intake mesh, too. Complete engine detail hiding under that removable cowl, too.
    NZ$ 59.95
  • Yamaha YZF750 Team Roberts 1987 Suzuka 8 Hour Fujimi Kitset 1/12
    Yamaha YZF750 Team Roberts, 1987 Suzuka 8-Hour Endurance Race. Made by Fujimi, scale 1/12 plastic kitset.
    NZ$ 99.99
  • Yamaha YZR 500 0WA8 Team Roberts Hasegawa Kitset 1/12
    Yamaha YZR 500 0WA8, Team Roberts. Made by Hasegawa, scale 1/12 plastic kitset.
    NZ$ 99.95
  • Milk Trike (Trick Trike Series) MPC Kitset 1/25
    Milk Trike (Trick Trike Series). Made by MPC, scale 1/25 plastic kitset.
    NZ$ 54.95
    Out Of Stock
  • 1981 Honda CBX 400F Aoshima Kitset 1/12
    1981 Honda CBX 400F. Made by Aoshima, scale 1/12 plastic kitset.
    NZ$ 44.95
  • 1982 Kawasaki Z400GP Aoshima Kitset 1/12
    1982 Kawasaki Z400GP. Made by Aoshima, scale 1/12 plastic kitset.
    NZ$ 39.95
  • 1995 Yamaha SR400 S  Aoshima Kitset 1/12
    1995 Yamaha SR400 S. Made by Aoshima, scale 1/12 plastic kitset.
    NZ$ 54.95
  • Honda Dream 50 Custom Aoshima Kitset 1/12
    Honda Dream 50 Custom. Made by Aoshima, scale 1/12 plastic kitset.
    NZ$ 44.95
    Out Of Stock