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  • Scalextric Ford Capri MK3 - Gerry Marshall Trophy Winner 2021 - Jake Hill
    At the 2021 Goodwood Members Meeting the undoubted star race was the Gerry Marshall Trophy race. Jake Hill in the Ric Wood owned Ford Capri MK3 had a race long duel with the very powerful BOSS Mustang of Craig Davies. With the Mustang having the edge in a straight line the Capri being much quicker in the bends it proved to be a titanic duel, one that Jake just about managed to win in the evocatively liveried fast Ford!
    NZ$ 142.90
  • Scalextric Ford Escort MK1 - Tony Paxman Racing
    A stalwart of the historic and club racing scene in the UK Tony Paxman has been racing this beautiful light blue Escort MK1 for some time now, and has achieved real success, especially in the Scalextric supported Modified Ford Series.

    Powered by a well developed engine the little Escort regularly embarrasses more modern machinery, and Tony really knows how to drive the wheels off the car!
    NZ$ 142.90
  • Scalextric Chevrolet Camaro Z28 - Spa 24hrs 1981
    Qualifying a credible 6th, the Camaro of Belgian drivers Michel de Deyne, Teddy Pilette and 'Davit' were running well at the sodden 1981 Spa 24hr race, until a car failure sadly put them out the race.

    The big Camaros proved to be much quicker than the more nimble Capris in a straight line, but were often out foxed in the bends, on your Scalextric track, which will be quicker?
    NZ$ 155.90
  • Scalextric Ford Escort MK1 RSR - Lea Wood
    Ex-BTCC driver Lea Wood has for 2022 decided to join the host of other drivers campaigning the most extreme MK1 Escort going, the SHP Engineering Ltd produced RSR Escort produced RSR Escort. A Space framed version of the humble Escort the RSR can be specified with a variety of engines from Ford engines, via Vauxhall units to even V8s! the lightweight RSR Escorts are so powerful on track that they humble even modern GT cars, and this particular example campaigned by Lea is no exception!
    NZ$ 142.90
  • Scalextric Ford Escort Cosworth WRC - 1997 Acropolis Rally - Carlos Sainz
    The 1997 Acropolis Rally proved to be the penultimate win ever in the WRC for one of its most iconic entrants, the Ford Escort. Legend of the sport Carlos Sainz cruised to a Ford one two, and showed a clean pair of heels to some of the most established names and cars in the WRC history.

    This iconic Escort is now available from Scalextric and comes complete with four wheel drive!
    NZ$ 142.90
  • Scalextric 1/32 Mr Bean Mini - Do-It-Yourself
    The photo does not give this justice, nearly to detailed to race!
    When it comes to iconic cars, the Austin Citron Green BL Mini 1000 is arguably one of the most recognisable vehicles from the screen. Famously driven by Mr Bean, one of the latest additions to the Scalextric track is based on the 'Do-It-Yourself' episode, which features Mr Bean transporting a new armchair on the roof of his Mini. Cleverly driven with an ingenious steering mechanism, the comedy classic a bold addition to any track.

    A staple of the British classic comedy Mr Bean, the Austin Citron Green BL Mini 1000 is one of the most recognizable machines ever to grace television. In the episode Do-It-Yourself Mr Bean, we see the main man himself wonder how on earth he will get some oversized purchases home? Where upon he comes up with a fantastic idea! Why not use the roof! Via an ingenious steering mechanism, he is able to both transport his armchair and get himself and his little Mini home!
    NZ$ 154.90
  • Scalextric 1/32 Blues Brothers Dodge Monaco - Bluesmobile
    The photo does not give this justice, nearly to detailed to race!
    It's 106 miles to Chicago, we got a full tank of gas, half a pack of Cigarettes, it's dark and we're wearing sunglasses. Hit It! The Dodge Monaco of the famous Blues Brothers is now available as a Scalextric car! Now you too at home can recreate the madness and mayhem of the film, as you jump over police cars and bridges, wear sunglasses at night, be on a mission from God and make sure you get to Chicago in order to save that orphanage!
    NZ$ 154.90
  • Scalextric 1/32 Austin Mini Cooper S - Gulf Edition - Nick Riley & Gabriele Tarquini
    A Mini in Gulf colours. What could be better. This particular car was raced by Italian F1 driver and ex BTCC champ Gabriele Tarquini at the 2018 Goodwood Revival. Shared with owner Nick Riley this Swiftune powered machine was certainly eye catching in its iconic colours
    NZ$ 129.90
  • Scalextric 1/32 Volkswagen Panel Van T1b - Michelin
    One of the most famous tyre firms of all time Michelin, along with its mascot Mr Bibendum, has been a constant source of rubber for motorsport throughout the history of the sport. And what better way to service the tyre needs of your classic race cars then this beautiful Michelin liveried VW van?
    NZ$ 133.99
  • Scalextric 1/32 Chrysler Hemicuda - Spa 24 Hours 1973 - Bertinchamps & Deprez
    While most associate the big Chrysler Hemicuda with racing across the USA the car also found some notable success racing in Europe. While Chrysler France raced the car successfully the model was also found racing in the Spa 24 hours in the early 1970s. This big Levis sponsored machine raced in the 1973 edition. Dwarfing the Ford Capris and BMW CSLs the big American beast was superbly fast in a straight line, but suffered in the swoops and bends of the Spa circuit. It did however finish a credible 15th overall. Now available from Scalextric this car is a very impressive machine on track, as it powers down the straights and drifts the bends! Warning this product features branding for Tobacco and/or alcohol and is not be suitable for people under the age of 18
    NZ$ 142.90
  • Scalextric 1/32 Aston Martin V8 - Gulf Edition - Rikki Cann Racing
    Essex based Aston Martin specialist Rikki Cann has campaigned this V8 Aston now for the best part of a decade. A multiple champion in the AMOC series this Gulf coloured V8 is a well known sight on the UK racing scene, often embarrassing much more modern machinery and leaving tyre marks and competitors alike in its wake as it power slides out of bends!
    NZ$ 140.90
  • Scalextric 1/32 Chevrolet Camaro IROC - SCCA Trans-AM - Number 33
    As well as in the one mark IROC series this generation Camaro also found a home in the SCCA Trans Am series of the late 1980s, early 90s. This brilliantly liveried car saw some success on the road circuits of North America in the 1991 season. A livery that is certain to run and run this makes a great colourful addition to any muscle car field!
    NZ$ 138.90
  • Scalextric 1/32 Ford Mustang -Alan Mann Racing - Henry Mann & Steve Soper
    The red and gold colours of Alan Mann racing of Byfleet Surrey are synonymous with many Ford racing cars, but they look especially pleasing on this wonderful Ford Mustang, driven at Masters Historic events by Touring car ace Steve Soper and son of Alan Mann himself, Henry Mann.
    NZ$ 134.90
  • Scalextric 1/32  Jaguar E-Type - Goodwood Revival - Adrian Newey
    Two motorsport legends combine in this fantastic classic release. The Jaguar E-Type needs no introduction, it is a legend of both beauty and speed, with its race results at the Goodwood Revival also speaking for themselves. The driver and owner of this car is the famous Red Bull technical director and F1 design supremo Adrian Newey. Throughout his career he has shown himself to be a step ahead of his competition again and again, delivering various race and championship winning cars. In this Jaguar he has also proved himself to be no slouch behind the wheel, as skilled on track as on the drawing board!
    NZ$ 142.90
  • Scalextric 1/32 Porsche 911 3.0 RSRA - Jagermeister Kremer Racing
    The Porsche 911 3.0 RSR replaced the very successful and now iconic 2.7 RSR as Porsches most potent GT machine in 1974. With wider arches, the big ''whale tail rear wing and massive rear tyres the performance intent of the 3.0 model was there for all to say. The Kremer racing team was just one team that took these special cars and turned them into race and championship winners. Coupled with the amazing Orange of Jagermeister this Scalextric Porsche is bound to stand out at home too.
    NZ$ 142.90
  • Scalextric 1/32 Knight Rider - KITT
    'Knight Industries Two Thousand' won't mean much to anyone but mention KITT to any kid from the 1980's and they will instantly know what you are talking about! This Scalextric slot car replica of KITT comes with a working red strobe light making an ideal gift for any cult TV fan.
    NZ$ 140.90
  • Scalextric 1/32 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 - 1980 Spa 24hors
    The SPA 24-hour race is, while not as famous as its French cousin LeMans, considered by many to be even tougher. This Camaro, in an iconic red and white livery, contested the 1980 race and while its sister car qualified 4th it failed to finish, suffering an engine failure, this number 14 car soldiered on to finish a credible 17th behind a phalanx of the ever reliable Capri MKIIIs. This brand-new tooling for Scalextric is a great addition to any American grid, another superb bit of American muscle for your two lane blacktop at home! Warning this product features branding for Tobacco and/or alcohol and is not be suitable for people under the age of 18
    NZ$ 142.90
  • Scalextric 1/32 Ford Mustang -Black and Gold
    A stalwart of historic motorsport, Pre-66 Ford Mustangs are to be seen racing all over both Europe and the United States. This example comes complete in a wonderful black and gold livery reminiscent of the famous Hertz Rent-A-Car racers of the 1960s.

    A powerful machine these Mustangs are always found at the front!
    NZ$ 126.99

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